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WordNet 3 Easy English dictionary (14MB);English

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WordNet 3 Infused CN English to Chinese simplified (18MB);简体字
WordNet 3 Infused ES English to Spanish (19MB);Español
WordNet 3 Infused TR English to Turkish (17MB);Türkçe
WordNet 3 Infused IT English to Italian (19MB);Italiano
WordNet 3 Infused CN English to Chinese traditional (18MB);繁體字
WordNet 3 Infused FR English to French (20MB);Français
WordNet 3 Infused PT English to Portuguese (19MB);Português
WordNet 3 Infused RU English to Russian (21MB);Русский
WordNet 3 Infused RO English to Romanian (16MB);Română
WordNet 3 Infused TH English to Thai (19MB);ภาษาไทย
WordNet 3 Infused LV English to Latvian (17MB);Latviešu

WordNet 3 Eazy

WordNet 3 Easy

This is free WordNet 3 dictionary with Ispell support for indexing inflections.

Main accent was made on simplicity and clarity of provided data- only WordNet synsets, similar words and “See also” was compiled in, all the other data like hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, holonyms, etc. were intentionally left out. Another important thing was indexing inflections which help to look up word definitions in real text.

WordNet 3 Infused dictionaries

WordNet 3 Infused

This dictionary is compilation of several dictionaries- WordNet 3, Babylon and Ispell. Main reason for me to make this dictionary was need for simple and very well indexed dictionary for my e-book reader. Built-in dictionaries were great but I also wanted to add my native language- Latvian. By mixing free Babylon Latvian dictionary (comparably small) with WordNet 3.0 (one of the biggest out there) it was possible to achieve greater range of word definitions and detail than it would be possible just by using Latvian dictionary. Also WordNet synsets were used to expand Latvian definitions to synsets that didn’t have Latvian definition. In addition Ispell spellchecking dictionary was used to add inflections for indexing.

This effort was made to satisfy my need for better dictionary but I am happy to provide this dictionary free to anyone who can find it useful. In future I intend to mix more languages with WordNet dictionary as this is easily done now 😉

Dictionary files can be freely distributed in an original form and without any fee. It is not allowed to edit and/or sell these dictionaries under any circumstances.

© Edgars Binans, 2010-2013. All rights reserved.


2016-12-02: Added pronunciation and updated layout for all dictionaries.
2016-10-21: More than 130’000 unique downloads.
2014-01-28: More than 52’000 unique downloads.
2013-08-15: More than 33’000 unique downloads.
2013-01-26: More than 17’000 unique downloads.
2012-12-31: Small visual tweaks for all dictionaries.
2012-05-16: More than 9’000 unique downloads.
2012-05-16: Updated to support Kindle Touch (dictionary language set to EN) and small tweaks.
2011-05-31: Added “WordNet 3 Infused FR” English + French dictionary.
2011-04-25: Added “WordNet 3 Infused IT” English + Italian dictionary.
2011-03-30: Added “WordNet 3 Infused TR” English + Turkish dictionary.
2011-03-02: Added “WordNet 3 Infused CN” dictionaries.
2011-03-01: Added “WordNet 3 Infused TH” English + Thai dictionary.
2011-02-23: More than 1000 unique downloads.
2011-02-21: Updated layout and added “[M]” for all dictionaries.
2011-01-09: Updated LV. Added definitions for “in a(n) ??? manner” (indicated by “[M]”).
2010-12-11: Added “WordNet 3 Infused RO” English + Romanian dictionary.
2010-11-21: Added “WordNet 3 Infused PT” English + Portuguese dictionary.
2010-11-08: Added “WordNet 3 Infused RU” English + Russian dictionary.
2010-11-08: Added “WordNet 3 Infused ES” English + Spanish dictionary.
2010-11-07: Updated “WordNet 3 Infused LV”. Now there is warning “[?]”, that definition from synset is used; definitions of words and phrases that do not match WordNet has been added.

These dictionaries were tested on Kindle Keyboard, Touch, Paperwhite and Kindle Previewer.


Please, feel free to leave comments 🙂


I have not reviewed nor edited any of these dictionaries and I hold no responsibility for their contents including any historical, political or religious views they may express.

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  1. Kumāra says:

    Thanks. Can I suggest something? I see lots of “synset: “, which I think can be removed without any lost of functionality, besides making the files smaller and faster to load.

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  4. Hakan says:

    Thanks for the Turkish dictionary. How did you convert bgl(Babylon) to mobi(kindle)?

  5. Juvenal says:

    I just want to say thank you. You saved my life. I had a bad time trying to find a good english-portuguese dictionary and you gave me one for free. God bless you. May you be happy.

  6. PepesValls says:

    I’m a Sony PRS T2 user. I have downloaded twice the WordNet 3 Infused ES but neither I can open it by Calibre nor can convert it into epub format (I have tried with Calibre too, but also with http://www.online-convert.com with no succes.
    Would it be possible that the file has become corrupted or something like that?

    I’d like make it run because I have read lots of good critics on the net about the Infused version.

    I’ll be grateful with any answer. Thanks in advance.

  7. eb says:

    @PepesValls even if you would convert it to epub it would not work as dictionary on Sony reader- they use another format for dictionaries. Dictionary mobi files are compressed using special (huffdic) compression which is not supported by Calibre.

  8. Solomillo says:

    I would like to say you ‘thanks’ in all that languages!
    The integration with my Kindle4 is perfect, this dictionary is better than others that are sold.
    Thanks a lot, it’s an impressive job, and very useful.
    You will be one of the responsibles in my English improvement.

  9. christian says:

    Very good work man, I really appreciate it.
    Is there a chance to get them reversed from the specific langauge to English or among them as I saw you wrote at the end of the article?
    Many thanks for what you have done

  10. RonArt says:

    On Kindle for PC, how can WordNet 3 Infused ES (a .mobi file and a .mbp file in my PC’s My Kindle Content folder) be used as the default dictionary? If this is an English-to-Spanish word look-up, it would help my Spanish-speaking friends reading English eBooks.

  11. rza rehimov says:

    i downloaded English+Turkish dictionary to my kindle, but unfortunately it did not work. can anyone help me?

  12. d.smit says:

    Thank you. I found the es and fr dictionaries quite helpful.
    Suggestion : Perhaps you could replace the “+” by “to”. So it would be clearer for people, that these are only one way dictionaries. This would perhaps save a lot of people from downloading and installing time.

  13. nessuno1234 says:

    Hi, i’m using wordnet3 infused IT. Very great dictionary. Just function I thik is missing.
    I would like to see the IPA pronunciation for every english word.

  14. David says:

    Hi! And many thanks for your public spirit. I’ve installed WordNet 3 Infused CN English + Chinese traditional on my Kindle Paperwhite, but the Kindle doesn’t see it, whether I put it in the Dictionaries directory or in with all the other documents. I notice that none of the other dictionaries that work are in .mobi format. Do I need to convert it? Many thanks for any help you can offer.

  15. Krishna Lila says:

    Hello my dear friends. Could somebody make a english-lithuanian dictionary for kindle? Is it difficult? It could save my life.

  16. sam says:

    thanks for real….

  17. Orkhan says:

    Hello, I have downloaded English + Turkish dictionary to my kindle paperwhite (2015), but after a while the dictionary did not work properly. Translation works well only with original Oxford Dictionary. What i have to do to mix this problem?

  18. Hah says:

    Thank you very much! I’ve been looking for this perfect dictionary for reading for a long time.

  19. web tasarım says:

    There are few words in Turkish dictionary ?

  20. mehmet says:

    we wanto to bulgarian to turkish dictionary… where are find them?

  21. Artem says:

    Edgars, does English Latvian dictionary work as Latvian-English as well?
    I want to study Latvian and book reading is the thing I love, so I though it can make my study faster.
    paldies par jūsu darbu!

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  23. Dany Indrawan Pratama says:

    Please add indonesian dictionary

  24. Mustafa says:

    WordNet 3 Infused TR working perfectly on my Kindle Paperwhite 2, Thank you so much, this is very nice dictionary and it has large content, i hope this will keep working for Kindle Paperwhite 3 or later models. Thanks man, you are angel.

  25. Samuel says:

    Pronunciations are missing the stress apostrophe, please fix this

  26. Bhim Raj Kulung Rai says:

    I could not get any dictionary to download for my kindle paperwhite. Please help me.

  27. Bhim Raj Kulung Rai says:

    I need English dictionary.

  28. Alex says:

    A lot of thanks! It’s a great job!!

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  30. Wilder says:

    I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to generate a Chinese to Spanish and Chinese to English WordNet 3 Infused Dictionaries.

    I have already downloaded the English to Spanish, it is superb, with this tool my understanding would be magnified a lot!

    Muchísimas gracias!

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  32. can’t say more than enough Thank You. The English-Chinese dictionary on kindle that produced by 3rd party can not be used or stored under dictionary as it’s not mobi format. Unable to use it. Disappointed. I’m glad You have one here I could download. Really appreicated.

  33. Bert says:

    Can the dictionaries also used vice versa? Eg. Turkish – English. Instead of English – Turkish?

  34. Kappa says:

    Can you specify, what kind of tools you used for dictionary fusion? I’d like to mix babylon dictionary with Longman.

  35. man says:

    Could somebody make a english-lithuanian dictionary for kindle? Is it difficult?

  36. Rathinavelu says:

    Thank You Sir.I am comfortably using it.

  37. Juarez says:

    You, sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar.

  38. Igor Gartzea says:


  39. Sin Kosal says:

    Hello, could you share English Khmer Dictionary for Kindle? Please!

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